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Industry Opinions

WebEx MediaTone™: Delivering on the Promise of Rich Media Communications

Collaborative Strategies
“WebEx has addressed both the network and platform issues that until now have largely held back widespread deployment of rich media communication services,” Lewis Ward, senior research analyst at Collaborative Strategies. “Inclusion of MediaTone enabled sharing capabilities will provide a richer more engaging experience.”

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WebEx: Taking Conferencing to the Business Communications Summit

Aberdeen Group
“WebEx has pulled away to become the leader in multimedia business communications. And the switched network infrastructure approach—uniquely in MediaTone—is architecturally the only way to provide the greatest security, assure service quality, and deliver “dial tone” reliability,” Peter Kastner, chief research officer at Aberdeen Group. “Aberdeen believes that these new WebEx MediaTone capabilities cannot be delivered using older database centric store-and-forward technology relied on by competitive vendors.”

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Using WebEx to Revolutionize Business Communications: How MediaTone™ Delivers the Next Best Thing to Being There

Patricia Seybold Group
“WebEx is now delivering its MediaTone technology based multimedia communication services that, like the telephone, we will rapidly incorporate into the fabric of our daily work activities,” Geoffrey Bock, senior consultant at Patricia Seybold Group. “It is finally bringing our expectations of the telephony revolution into the age of digitized, multimedia, real-time communications.”

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From Dial Tone to MediaTone

While audio conferencing and static communications (e.g., email and telephone) rivaled face-to-face meetings as the most important forums for business meetings in the 1990s, Web conferencing—with its real-time multimedia communications, data sharing, and computer-telephony integration (CTI)—is poised to drive business communications in the new millennium.

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Frost & Sullivan

“In the early stages no one had imagined the impact of touchtone technology on telephone communications and the number of value added services and entire application sectors that it would enable,” David Alexander, industry analyst for communications and IT at Frost & Sullivan. “MediaTone will have a significant impact on the real-time Web communications industry and enable services we can not imagine today. WebEx is already the market leader, and with the new MediaTone enabled WebEx Meeting Center they have significantly extended the leadership in functionality, security and reliability.”

Wainhouse Research

“WebEx’s latest UCF content delivery technology when combined with their MediaTone switched network architecture raise the capabilities of rich media Web collaboration to a new level,” Andy Nilssen, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research. “As a direct result, for example, PowerPoint builds and animations are not only supported, the performance is very impressive.”