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WebEx Standards

WebEx supports industry standards

Instant messaging/presence protocol - Many companies who are dedicated to forwarding Web-based communications are working together to develop the instant messaging/presence protocol (IMPP). Shortly, this standard will gain approval from the Internet Engineering Task Force. WebEx plans to support IMPP.

XML - WebEx is leading the way in defining XML-based interactive e-commerce and e-marketplace standards. This standard provides high level APIs for access to underlying WebEx Multimedia Switching Platform functionality.

H.323 - Designed to foster interoperability between IP-based A/V solutions, H.323 is another standard for audio and video communications established by the ITU. WebEx technology supports this important standard which will define a number of functions critical to audio and video communications and foster compatibility between solutions.

T.120 - A suite of networking protocol standards for real-time multi-point data communications, T.120 is another critical specification established by the ITU and supported by WebEx. In addition to interoperability, the T.120 standard was established to ensure a long list of benefits: data integrity, network transparency, platform independence, network independence, and scalability. Several layers comprise the T.120 standard.