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“WebEx has addressed both the network and platform issues that until now have largely held back widespread deployment of rich media communication services.”

–Lewis Ward, Senior Research Analyst, Collaborative Strategies

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing—essential to every business

WebEx is the market leader in interactive Web conferencing services that help save time and money by moving day-to-day meetings with employees, customers, and partners to the Web.

Beyond simple collaboration

Quickly becoming an essential part of every business interaction, Web conferencing lets people in dispersed organizations see, hear, text chat, present, and share information collaboratively from their own desktops, resulting in significantly reduced costs and improved processes in every area of the organization. Like teleconferencing, Web conferencing is being rapidly adopted because it’s so easy to use and provides such obvious benefits.

Every business, large or small, can derive immediate savings by substituting an online meeting powered by WebEx for any face-to-face meeting that requires travel to another location by any of the participants.

Multimedia Web communications services

WebEx has pioneered Web communications services for the enterprise, providing specialized Web conferencing applications that meet the unique functional requirements of every business. Discover how our service offerings can make meeting online the most powerful tool available to your company.

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