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Attend a Web Seminar

Attend a free web seminar

Get the information you need now on a variety of topics that include marketing trends and best practices, sales techniques, changes in human resources and organizational development policies and new technologies.

Experience the power of an online seminar by attending our free online events or web seminars. Our events bring industry experts and relevant statistics directly to you so you can get valuable information without having to leave your desk!

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You can now:

  • Keep up with changing times and technologies
  • Learn about new research and best practices
  • Hear business experts and authors discuss their latest work

Whether you attend the live event and have the opportunity to ask the presenters questions or view the recorded version at your convenience, our Web seminars deliver results.

In order to attend, you will need:

  • A 56Kbps Internet connection or better
  • Netscape 4.x or Internet Explorer 4.x+ (AOL users: AOL5.0 and above only)
  • The WebEx Event Manager (installed before the event: go to and click Set Up)
  • A separate telephone line or a sound card and computer speakers for the audio

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