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“The decision to implement WebEx Support Center has proved to be well founded. At today’s run rate of 1200 sessions per month, this translates to an annual savings of nearly $600,000 and an ROI in excess of 700%!”

–Jeff Quast, Quality Programs Manager for Process, Procedures, Lawson Software

“Within the first two months of using WebEx Support Center, our average close time decreased by more than 50%. Support Center really improved our overall time to resolution; now we can solve the customer’s problem immediately.”

–Tanya Fisher, Team Leader of Customer Services, Wind2 Software

WebEx Support Center

Remote customer support—on demand

WebEx Support Center totally revolutionizes the way support organizations interact with their customers. This service enables rapid diagnosis and resolution of support issues through instant sharing of and interaction with remote customer desktops—anywhere in the world.

Support representatives can control customer desktops to instantly provide assistance.

Solve problems instantly on the Web

Nothing builds customer relationships like Support Center:

  • Gain instant, “on-demand” viewing of customer desktops
  • Rapidly diagnose and problem solve
  • Achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction levels
  • Avoid expensive on-site visits, call escalation, and long handle times

Find out how WebEx Support Center can revolutionize your customer support organization.

Experience Support Center for yourself—attend a live demo right now.