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Pay-Per-Use Meetings

Online meetings at your convenience

Created expressly for professionals requiring occasional meeting services and priced on a per minute/per participant basis, WebEx Pay-Per-Use Meetings are an easy way to access and use WebEx Meeting Center’s interactive online meeting capabilities on demand. Pay-Per-Use lets you engage in cost-effective online meetings with customers, partners, and colleagues, anywhere in the world, on a convenient, “pay-as-you-go” basis.

Host a PPU Meeting

Pay-Per-Use Meetings let you instantly connect with your key participants for interactive:

  • Customer presentations
  • Product demos
  • Team meetings
  • Conference calls
  • Document reviews

...and all your other spontaneous meeting needs.

Supported by WebEx’s state-of-the-art MediaTone technology, Pay-Per-Use lets you manage your costs to best suit your business needs and still have the ability to persuasively reach all your key customers, partners, and employees, anytime you need to.

Pay-Per-Use Pricing Calculator - Meeting Cost Estimator Teleconferencing - WebEx

WebEx Pay-Per-Use Meetings offer:

  • Pricing based per participant, per minute
  • Meetings delivered over WebEx’s global MediaTone network
  • Access to WebEx advanced features
  • Use of the WebEx teleconferencing system or your own
  • Estimates provided when the meeting is scheduled
  • Payment with a credit card

The current Pay-Per-Use rate is $0.45/minute per user with additional charges for teleconferencing (see Integrated Teleconferencing below). The number of participants includes you and the attendees who join the meeting. Your credit card will be charged at the conclusion of your meeting, based on actual use (number of minutes multiplied by the number of participants).

Calculate the cost of your meeting using our PPU Meeting Cost Estimator!

Integrated teleconferencing options

Pay-Per-Use Meetings offer a variety of choices for integrating voice communication into your meeting. If you choose WebEx integrated teleconferencing, you have the following choices:

  • Call-in Teleconferencing: 10¢ per minute per participant. Attendees are given a number to call in to the meeting.
  • Call-back Teleconferencing: 25¢ per minute per participant. Attendees are automatically called at the number specified.

Ready to host a Pay-Per-Use Meeting?

To begin enjoying the power and flexibility of Pay-Per-Use Meetings, simply click Host a PPU Meeting, and you will be guided through the scheduling process.