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“WebEx Event Center is a great marketing tool. It is a cost-effective means to generate leads, and it has been well-received by our customers and prospects. Our online seminars have been very successful.”

–Judi Tracy, Online Event Manager, Documentum

WebEx Event Center

Web conferencing for thousands

WebEx Event Center delivers the technology you need to easily plan and produce online meetings for thousands of participants with dazzling, real-time interactivity—all supported by dynamic marketing and lead generation tools—with no investment in software required.

Virtual events for every occasion

Event Center is the superior service to power more efficient and effective:

  • Online seminars (“Webinars”)
  • All-hands announcements
  • Analyst calls
  • Product launches
  • Special events
  • Webcasts
  • Other large-scale corporate events

“Live” performance quality

Presentations and interactive demos of any application can be viewed by all participants at the same time.

Event Center combines teleconferencing and live presentation over our distributed network to deliver your most powerful content in its true form—multimedia, PowerPoint, documents, and video conferencing—all delivered in highest resolution and dazzling motion. Event Center enables real-time interactivity with your audience, creating the powerful impact of a live event—all at a fraction of the cost.

Achieve maximum impact

WebEx Event Center can turn your large Web meeting into an extraordinary experience for your audience. Find out how Event Center can help you rapidly reach more customers in less time with less money.

Experience the interactive qualities of Event Center—try the live demo right now.