Tuddle And Rumkin is a heart-warming series of children's stories about the adventures of two cute mice and their friends.

Tuddle and Rumkin live in the basement of the courthouse in a small Eastern city. They often visit the nearby farm where Tuddle was raised or travel with the Mouse Scouts to the deep woods.

In five of their adventures, Tuddle and Rumkin see the sights of San Francisco. They also visit New York City.

Tuddle And Rumkin provides inexpensive bedtime stories that will delight children aged 4 to 9. Each children's story is about five pages long. Original songs and poems complement these charming mouse tales.

Parents and children alike will love the pumpkin-rolling contest and will stay awake on Christmas Eve to meet the Christmas Mouse.

Tuddle And Rumkin is an ongoing collection of bedtime stories. New children's stories will be regularly posted to this web site.

Cast Of Characters

Tuddle was born and raised on the old farm. He moved to the city as an adult and met Rumkin through Grandpa mouse. The two became friends. They live in a box of rags in the basement of the courthouse. Tuddle is bold, outgoing and sometimes reckless.

Rumkin was an orphan mouse. He was raised by Grandpa mouse who found him abandoned at the railway station and took him in. Rumkin met Tuddle through Grandpa mouse. Rumkin is cautious and often worries about how things could go wrong.

Sam the baker mouse
Sam lives in the bakery shop, around the corner from the courthouse. He can always be counted on to supply a muffin or other treat. Sam makes his first appearance in Rumkin's Birthday Party, but appears regularly in the other stories. His son, Sammy, is a Mouse Scout.

Miss Swiss
Miss Swiss lives in the cheese shop. Rumkin secretly likes her, but is afraid to say so. She makes her first appearance in Rumkin's Birthday Party, but appears in other stories as well. In Rumkin Dreams Of Cheese, Tuddle and Rumkin save Miss Swiss when she becomes trapped behind a wall of cheese in the refrigerator.

Zeke the mouse
Zeke is a friend of Tuddle and Rumkin who lives in San Francisco. Tuddle and Rumkin visit him in a series of five stories, starting with Tuddle And Rumkin Fly Away. Zeke shows them all of the sights of San Francisco. Later, Zeke visits Tuddle and Rumkin for several stories beginning with Tuddle And Rumkin Trick Or Treat.

Rupert the cat
Rupert is the courthouse cat. He is Tuddle and Rumkin's arch enemy and is always trying to catch them out in the open. Rupert appears in the very first story, Tuddle And Rumkin In The Judge's Desk, and periodically in the other stories. In Tuddle And Rumkin Trick Or Treat, Zeke helps Tuddle and Rumkin play a trick on Rupert.

Tiffany mouse
Tiffany is a Mouse Scout. She is trusting and naive. Her first story is Tuddle And Rumkin At Camp, in which she is attacked by an owl.

Sammy mouse
Sammy is a Mouse Scout and is the son of Sam the baker mouse. He is generally reliable and helps Rumkin save Tiffany in Tuddle And Rumkin At Camp.

Grandpa mouse
Grandpa mouse is Tuddle's grandfather. He is also the father of Uncle Orn, who runs the old farm. Grandpa mouse raised Rumkin after finding him abandoned at the railroad station. Grandpa lives in a box of books in the attic of the library, which is located behind the courthouse. He is infinitely wise and wonderful. Grandpa mouse first appears in Tuddle And Rumkin Afloat. He appears in a number of other stories and saves Elmo from the mousetrap in Rumkin's Nephew Elmo.

Penny mouse makes her first appearance in Tuddle And Rumkin And The Cafe Ghost. She is a timid mouse and is afraid that other mice will evict her from the cafe where she lives. Tuddle and Rumkin become her friends. In Tuddle And Rumkin Search For Tim, the three mice travel to New York City to find Penny's brother.

Uncle Orn
Uncle Orn is Tuddle's uncle. He raised Tuddle on the old farm after his mother and father died in an accident with a cat. Uncle Orn is Grandpa mouse's son. He first appears in Tuddle And Rumkin Join The Harvest. He is sensible, no nonsense and hardworking.

Elmo is Rumkin's nephew. He is the son of Rumkin's sister, who was also raised by Grandpa mouse, but who moved away after she grew up. Elmo is young, careless and tends to get into trouble easily. In Rumkin's Nephew Elmo, he gets caught in a mouse trap. Elmo does not follow instructions very well.

Mortimer is a friend of Tuddle and Rumkin who lives in the candy shop. He first appears in Rumkin's Birthday Party.

Tim the artist mouse
Tim is Penny's brother. Tuddle and Rumkin first meet him at Macy's in New York City in the story Tuddle And Rumkin Search For Tim. He appears as a principal character in all of the New York City stories.