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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., November 23, 1998 -- San Francisco author, C. Joseph Smith, whose stories about two little mice, Tuddle and Rumkin, have won the hearts of children from New York to California, has established a new web site where parents can instantly download bedtime stories for their children.

The Tuddle And Rumkin web site is a breakthrough in Internet publishing. Unlike and other bookstore sites, which mail their books to purchasers, the Tuddle And Rumkin stories are purchased on-line and then immediately downloaded to the parent's computer. They can be printed out or stored on the computer for future reading.

Other sites offer free stories, of variable quality, but the parent must wade through pages and pages of annoying advertisements. The result is a tedious shopping experience.

The Tuddle And Rumkin web site is designed for busy parents of children from ages 4 to 9, who would like to have instant access to cute bedtime stories to read to their children. A parent simply browses through the story descriptions and checks the boxes next to the desired stories. There are two free stories which may be sampled. The remaining stories each cost a very low price of $2.95. After making a secure credit card purchase, the stories can be downloaded to the user's computer and can be instantly printed and read to the child.

This method of marketing has the tremendous advantage of low pricing. In traditional marketing, the parent purchases an expensive children's book. It is read once or twice and then discarded. With Tuddle And Rumkin, the prices are low. The customer is buying the story, not an expensive bookbinding.

The parent has the option of joining an e-mail list which provides notification when new Tuddle And Rumkin stories are added to the web site.

This is the future of children's publishing in America.

For more information:
C. Joseph Smith


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Upcoming Stories

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