San Francisco author C. Joseph Smith created the Tuddle And Rumkin series to acquaint his six-year old niece, Kristen, with San Francisco and airplane travel before her first visit. The five stories in the series, beginning with Tuddle And Rumkin Fly Away, allowed her to realistically imagine her trip. She delighted in seeing all of the same sites that Tuddle and Rumkin explored.

Kristen and her brother, Kevin, pleaded with Uncle Joe, "Can you please send more mouse stories?" Uncle Joe complied by writing Tuddle And Rumkin At Camp, which introduced the Mouse Scouts.

Since then, many new Tuddle And Rumkin stories have been written. The author is interested in providing simple, inexpensive bedtime stories for young children which will entertain them and instill good values. Readers may request that notice of new stories be sent to them by e-mail.

In addition to children's stories, Mr. Smith has written an extensive collection of short fiction for adults. Some of the stories are derived from experiences in his law practice, some are fictionalized adventures from his childhood, and still other stories provide insight into contemporary life. Watch for these stories to become available soon on a new web site linked to this page.